Steel Industry


Protecting our environment and promoting the health of our employees is the basic safety mission of FMA National Incorporated. Over the last several decades FMA National has implemented a variety of safety programs to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of the coke industry. Many of the major safety and health challenges that faced FMA National in years past are virtually nonexistent today. However, technological advancements and more stringent regulations present new challenges as FMA National enters the new millennium. At ...


A Methods for integration of AHSS tubular components into a stamped steel structure. While considering joining of tubular components one should consider tube as a steel sheet, which has a shape of closed cross-section. Two things distinguish the tube from the original sheet material a. the work hardening, which takes place during ...


Repair of welds as it is Material affected

American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) studies conducted in cooperation with North American OEM’s to understand the influences of “in field” repair practices on some AHSS have been completed for DP (Dual Phase), Martensitic and TRIP (Transformation Induced Plasticity) steels. In particular, the effects of MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding and a practice called “flame straightening” were examined. Flame straightening consists ...


Tube Forming: High Frequency Welded Tubes

Welded tubes are commonly produced of flat sheet material by continuous roll forming and a high frequency welding process. This type of tubes are widely used for automotive applications like seat structures, cross members, side impact beams, bumpers, engine subframes, trailing arms, twist beams, etc. Tube manufacturing involves a chain of processing steps (roll forming, welding, calibration, etc), that influence ...


Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete

Corrosion in its broadest sense is the destruction of a substance or its properties because of a adverse reaction with its environment. Corrosion of steel is an electrochemical process similar to a flashlight battery. In order for corrosion to take place in reinforced concrete, there must be an anode where oxidation occurs, a cathode where reduction occurs, an electrical conductor and an aqueous medium. Both oxygen and moisture must be present in order for corrosion to occur. The alkaline ...