I am Jessica E., Managing Director of FMA National.

You’re on the Internet’s premier site for buying and selling metals. We pioneered e-commerce in the metals industry in 1998. No other metals e-commerce site has more experience, better business connections, or better online technology. We make it easy to buy and sell metals through advanced Internet tools like our fast, comprehensive Auctions and online Product Catalog. All transactions are private between Buyer and Seller. And all of our solutions are secure, fully integrated, and available to the entire steel community.

Choose from our advanced online tools for buying and selling metal…
•  Auctions: sealed-bid auctions for secondary and excess prime products.
•  Product Catalog: a negotiation-based online catalog of steel products available from multiple suppliers. Detailed purchase orders are generated online once a deal is complete.
•  RFQ: a simple Request-for-Quote service that enable Buyers to submit an RFQ for their steel needs. All users can view and respond to RFQs.

Other services that we offer…
•  Private Branded Marketplaces: your own “branded” website, complete with content and commerce functionality, securely accessible by your selected clientele
•  Integration: reduce order entry time by integrating with your ERP or other back office system.

MSA MetalSite offers many benefits…
•  Expand your reach to new Buyers and Suppliers via the Internet
•  Improve customer service by expediting communications and reducing order entry errors
•  Facilitate greater efficiencies in the sales process when negotiating and closing deals online
•  Provide advanced online reports with valuable information to help you manage your business
•  Alert you via e-mail notifications to keep you up-to-date on all of your online activities

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