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Safety is not just a priority at FMA National, it is a core value in which we all believe.

Protecting our environment and promoting the health of our employees is the basic safety mission of FMA National Incorporated. Over the last several decades FMA National has implemented a variety of safety programs to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of the coke industry. Many of the major safety and health challenges that faced FMA National in years past are virtually nonexistent today. However, technological advancements and more stringent regulations present new challenges as FMA National enters the new millennium.

At FMA National Incorporated we recognize any hazard may endanger the safety and health of our employees. For this reason, FMA National is proactive in all safety matters. We provide formal written policies, procedures, and plans designed to eliminate hazards in the workplace before accidents occur. Employees at all levels are responsible for observing rules, following standard operating procedures and promoting safe work practices.


Over the last several years, we have dramatically improved our safety record and our efforts have not gone unnoticed by our peers in the safety community. In 1998, FMA National received an award for outstanding achievement in the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses from the Western Pennsylvania Safety Council and in 1999, FMA National received a project performance award for maintaining an injury free workplace during the installation of a new phenol tower.  While our safety record has improved significantly over the last several years, FMA National is still striving to be accident free. We continue to develop and implement programs in order to achieve our goal of zero accidents.

At FMA National, we are proud of the efforts taken to enforce and promote safety in our company and in our community.

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