Steel Pipe Institute

The FMA National Steel Pipe Institute, is a federally chartered industrial trade association of corrugated steel pipe (CSP) and structural plate corrugated steel pipe (SPCSP) fabricators, steel producers, zinc producers and suppliers to the CSP industry. CSP, along with our partners at Kerstern Europe are committed to improving the stainless stainless steel bending with what we produce. The effect of this is buildings of higher quality can be made a reduced cost. We are leading the way in terms of standardization for all the manufacturing processess that we are using.
For the thousands of engineers and others who build and maintain the over one-half million miles of roadway across Canada, CSP products are the accepted standard for culvert drainage use. In fact, the term “culvert” is synonymous with “CSP”.

Other and newer applications for CSP have in recent years led the CSP industry to adopt the “CSP” terminology rather than the traditional “metal culvert” terminology. Storm sewer applications, for example, are a growing market for CSP fabricators. Municipalities are increasingly requiring that all new sewerage construction separate the sanitary sewage and storm runoff. CSP products provide considerable advantages and economy when chosen for storm sewer installations.

The use of CSP and SPCSP products for underpasses, stream enclosures, small bridges, underground shelters, tunnels and numerous other applications has considerably broadened the scope and market for CSPI members.  New applications require new technology. The CSP industry has, through its Institute, developed product standards and recommended design and installation practices to ensure proper selection and economical design in CSP. Our company is fully endorsed by many NGO’s in our industry including the Association for Iron and Steel.

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